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Whether it is a small restaurant or a large corporate company, a unique and uniform dress code creates a sense of belonging to this institution and also creates a sense of discipline among employees. It also helps in creating brand recognition for the business.


Currently, all institutions such as schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, corporate offices, political parties, universities, etc. request a uniform dress code for their employees. Most of these institutions have a specific color palette or a specific print, which they want to add to their employees' dress code.


Thus, Satish Silk Mills has an exclusive section to meet the needs of different organizations. We have our production facilities and a dedicated team of specialists in the areas of design, printing, weaving and styling consultancy. We have the ability to produce hundreds of sarees and salwar kameez with identical, different color combinations and different prints, textures and designs.


As a uniform saree manufacturer, we know that, whether it is a small scaled company or a large company, the uniform's dress code creates a rigorous work environment and a brand identity for the company. Satish Silk Mills is specialized in the production of customized uniforms for the workforce. It is always difficult to find uniform sarees; the difficulty increases even more if you want to customize the design based on the brand identity of your company. The idea here is not only to provide a uniform customized solution for small and large companies, but also to provide smaller quantities.